Origin Spectrophotometer

Origin is a practical module which conveniently compliments SeaWave, Radiantis existing family of IR spectrometers. Combined, Origin and SeaWave offer an extremely compact, cost-effective spectrophotometer for the IR. Based on the SeaWave linear diode array technology, this spectrophotometer has no-moving parts and hence renders a robust and highly-stable product for a range of analysers.

Origin incorporates a Tungsten-Halogen lamp and a sample holder which, combined with a smart optical design, effectively deliver the sample light into the attached SeaWave™ spectrophotometer.
This is a highly versatile spectrophotometer which can be used in reflection, transmission and absorption spectroscopy without any changes to the layout. It can handle solid, liquid and gas samples and can be used in both in-line and off-line analysers. For off-line analyser applications, Origin incorporates a sample holder which can be easily manipulated by the user to position the required sample. For in-line analysers, Origin replaces the sample holder with an open path which enables the flow of the production line samples.
A simple user-interface enables effective recording and comparison of the collected spectra. Linux and Windows software drivers are available for integration and OEM product development.
Origin´s compact design, combined with the reduced footprint, high performance SeaWave, provide an ideal tool for IR spectroscopy applications in many markets, including the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors.


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