Blaze - Ultrafast Broadly Tunable Laser System

The new BlazeTM is the first commercial broadly tunable femtosecond laser system incorporating in a single platform both, a Ti:sapphire pump laser and an optical parametric oscillator (OPO), for maximum stability, compactness and simplicity. This is an ideal tool for nonlinear microscopy applications where a compact and stable broadly tunable IR laser system providing short pulse durations, high beam pointing and power stability is required.


 The BlazeTM´s unprecedented fully-integrated design features 3 output ports which deliver 1) the Ti:sapphire (across 730 - 1020 nm), 2) the signal (across 1000 and 1550 nm) and 3) the idler (across 1620 to 4000 nm). A dedicated control software is available which enables the selection of the desired output port via the use of a single PC.


A bypass is available for the Ti:sapphire output enabling the selection of 1) 100% of the Ti:sapphire pump (with no signal and idler power), 2) a percentage of the Ti:sapphire output (simultaneously with the signal and idler) or 3) 100% of the signal and idler power. A wavelength extension into the visible (across 500 and 775 nm) is also available upon request.

To ensure shortest pulse durations across the spectral range, an advanced dynamic dispersion compensation module is included within the BlazeTM, allowing independent optimisation of the pulse duration for different wavelengths.  Additionally, excellent beam pointing stability with time and wavelength is provided which increases usability in applications where reduced beam misalignment due to laser beam displacement is required.

BlazeTM´s sealed, compact and hands-free design combined with virtual maintenance-free operation offers a superior and cost-effective laser system for applications such as multi-photon microscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy or CARS.


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