A femtosecond SHG module with unprecedented spectral coverage, turning the IR OPO wavelengths, across 990-1550 nm, into the visible, across 495-775 nm. The ORIA VIS offers exceptional conversion efficiency (> 40%), providing powers > 400mW with excellent stability. With reduced pulse broadening and superior spectral and spatial beam quality, this compact doubling unit offers an excellent tool for a wide range of applications requiring femtosecond light pulses at MHz repetition rates.



The ORIA VIS is fully-automated and tuning is controlled via a PC, offering alignment-free installation and simple and reliable operation. The automated ORIA VIS advanced control software ensures fast and reliable tuning within a few seconds, while providing a selection of practical operating features.

This doubling unit is designed to be pumped by standard ultrafast MHz repetition-rate IR OPOs, including Radiantis Oria IR .


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